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Lori worked at a grocery store during college. One day, way before baby signing became popular; a deaf customer brought his little baby in to meet Lori. She had never seen a baby communicate so well. That tiny baby girl impressed Lori so much, it was at that moment she knew she would teach her own children to sign.

Lori had taken American Sign Language classes in College because she wanted to throw something fun and engaging into the usual mix of courses. She enjoyed the signing so much that she followed that up with some Deaf Culture and Early Childhood Development classes as well. Since then she has volunteered at California School for the Deaf several times working with kids of all ages from day care to high school. Over the years Lori has been working as a driving instructor and has had many deaf students.

When Lori had her daughter, Kayla, she couldn’t wait to teach her how to sign. Once her daughter started signing back, Lori wanted something a little more interactive for Kayla so she could see other babies and parents signing too. Lori found My Smart Hands; they offered special workshops for all of Kayla’s caregivers, as well as classes for Kayla.

Everyone was so amazed at Kayla’s signing success. Lori loved seeing her husband and mother learning the signs and how thrilled they were when Kayla responded to them. She wanted to help other parents experience the same joy of being able to communicate so early with their own children. She became an instructor so she can share all the tips and strategies she has learned.

For more information on My Smart Hands classes in the Alameda County area, contact Lori

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